We are here to provide ICT Solutions based on system engineering practices. Today, WORLAY has a wealth of experience and excel in the supply of information technology products and services to private, corporate, telecommunication and government markets.
In definite terms, our operation consists of: Consultancy, Sales, Supply, Installation, and Maintenance of Computer & Telecommunication equipment. Computer assembling from state of the art components, Web & Software design, Certification Administration, LAN/WAN Installation and configuration, VSAT and VOIP solutions.

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Never before have computer and network systems been so crucial in the operations of a business. To ensure efficient and reliable performance, routine maintenance is recommended, even when there is nothing overtly wrong with your computer. Preventive computer maintenance can help you achieve the best performance of your machine.


Every business nowadays needs advanced and upgraded solutions for smoother functioning and better production of results in terms of profits and revenue including improved client retention. We give your business enterprise the much needed IT software backing and support that streamlines your business operations.


Network connectivity is vital for the emerging business world. Network engineering is essential in establishing and maintaining the network connectivity capability at universities, corporations and hospitals. It is a vast field that is a major part of the world of computers, telecommunication and radio technology.

Our Vision

To be a World Class Corporation:

While applying engineering skills, to harness technology in innovative ways, to the business benefit of our customers and to secure the long-term prosperity of our people.


It is our great pleasure to introduce our Battery Regeneration Service.We have the most innovative battery restoration systems and happy to introduce our most advanced battery regenerators and dischargers here.
Now, we can...
- restore your used (just-dead) Car batteries and Inverter batteries.
- restore all kinds of lead-acid batteries if any cell was not physically damaged.
- regenerate up to 90~110% capacity comparing with new battery's capacity.
- extend battery's lifespans up to 2~3 times longer and delay the battery's aging process.

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The hard disk crashes that may lead to losing of all the imperative data that is stored on the drive could be too expensive. A large amount of data is stored on the hard disk by the most of the people. These days the paperwork as been replaced with the soft copy data and are stored on the hard disk.
The crashing of the hard drive might occur due to several reasons such as technical failure, worms, viruses, unintentional deletion of data, software malfunction, etc. The security of files might be uncertain owing to such issues.
We provide a professional data recovery service. We are experts and possess adequate knowledge about the same.Trust we will complete the task without damaging your computer or data.


Nothing is more valuable than having a website that is designed with your specific business needs in mind and this is what our web design firm will do for you. As expert web developers and designers, we listen to your needs and take the time to understand what the business is all about before offering you design services that will get the best for it. Whether you are looking to spread information, make online sales or enjoy walk in sales, we will choose the most suitable features for your site.

What our Clients say....

We have had a seamless office operation since we joined Worlay's Managed Maintenance Plan.

    ----- Chris Abbey

ETA Certification Administrator (CA)

We represent Electronics Technicians Association (ETA) International Organization, here in Nigeria. We have been granted the responsibility of administering all ETA Certification exams across different topics.


      • Basic Electronics
      • Biomedical
      • Communications
      • Fiber Optics & Data Cabling
      • Information Technology
      • Photonics & Precision Optics
      • Smart Home
      • Workforce Readiness
      • Additional Certifications




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