WORLAY is a wholly owned private Nigerian company, which was formed in 1998 to provide ICT Solutions based on system engineering practices. Today, WORLAY has a wealth of experience and excel in the supply of information technology products and services to private, corporate, telecommunication and government markets.
Being an Information Project House, WORLAY's strength lies in its system engineering and telecommunication engineering expertise, this is provided to the client in the form of engineering services or product & turn-key supplier services.

In definite terms, our operation consists of: Consultancy, Sales, Supply, Installation, and Maintenance of Computer & Telecommunication equipment. Computer assembling from state of the art components, Web and Software design, LAN/WAN Installation and configuration, VSAT and VOIP solutions.

By executing design activities, supported by product expertise, within a system engineering approach, WORLAY is able to offer elegant and cost effective applications and solutions.

WORLAY believes in establishing strong corporate values that guide our thoughts, visions and actions.


Our core business values, which is the basis of all WORLAY's actions, are:
Intellect management and growth: Establishing in-depth technical expertise by investing inproduct and technological expertise, ensures our company growth.
Project excellence: Developing project management skills is the WORLAY advantage that ensures the successful completion of all our projects. Today, the difference between success and failure, lies in people rather than technology.
Technology leadership: WORLAY has a product portfolio which represents the leaders in the product design industry. This maintains our advantage, in providing elegant and advanced applications and solutions.
Business ethics: Honourable and credible relationships are the foundation of all WORLAY's decisions and alliances.


We offer IT consultancy, we help to ensure that the downtime of your business can be reduced to an absolute minimal. This is what ensures that the productivity of your business is not put at risk under any circumstances that turns out to be a huge benefits for  a business.

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